Laurel is a 4th generation Montanan who has family throughout the state.  She is a Wellness Consultant, Yi Ren Qigong Teacher & Raw Foods Chef.  She has worked in private practice for over 28 years. She has also taught at Basyr University and provided counseling for patients at the Rader Institute.


Morgan makes sure there is always a ton a love flowing throughout the Lake Home and it's surrounding.  She has years of experience loving everyone around her and making sure everyone is intune and aware.  She never stops tracking what goes on.


We wish to provide a home and a place where you can be free to rest, relax, play, rejuvenate and nourish yourself. For those of you wanting even more, our wish is, to provide you with woodworking art and healing arts that enable you to receive and feel more of the bounties of life.  This is a place where you can just "be" and reboot your whole system.  Overall we wish to provide you a place where you can make memories that you can savor forever and return to whenever you wish.


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Wellness Retreat Information

Nutritional Coaching

As a Raw Foods Chef Laurel inspires others to integrate living food into daily choices. She guides clients to an eating plan that resonates while facilitating a healthy relationship with food. Laurel increases awareness about more food choices, she teaches how to use food to support mental and physical health and how to heal from eating disorders. She has 36 years of research and training in food-based wellness, served as a speaker for Eating Disorders Northwest, and taught raw foods classes. Guidance is also available on how to deepen the body's ability to take in nourishment, shopping for nutrient rich food, preparation and how to determine what food you need to provide brain and body nourishment. Education is catered to each individual situation with plenty of raw and cooked options and loads of gluten-free creativity.

"When the science of medicine reaches perfection, treatment will be given by foods, aliments, fragrant fruits, and vegetables, and by various waters, hot and cold in temperature" ~ Abdu'l-Baha

Life Coaching, Career Coaching, and Corporate Coaching

Consulting is available for individuals wishing to function better in all aspects of life. Blocks to joy and inherent capacity are dealt with so healthy choices can be effortless. Action plans for greater physical, emotion and spiritual health are implemented and fine tuned. Dysfunctional patterns are resolved with development of self-esteem and exercises to enhance emotional and energetic boundaries. Knowing and understanding yourself is enabled so the life choices and plans that fit your true self can manifest. Unconscious beliefs and blocks are resolved so optimal health and self care can prevail. Consulting aligns you with your life purpose and enables you to create. Guidance in the power of living authentically generates clarity and resolve for issues presented as well as issues yet to be known. As the new state of being is developed, clients become able to manage daily challenges and stresses with increased ease and feelings of well-being.  This leads to greater joy in life, enhanced relationships, and improved health and vitality.

Corporate consulting enables the functional capacities of the system to be clarified and utilized so efficient respectful behavior can unify the corporation. Specific guidelines for communication and boundaries enables an environment with containment. Self initiative and creativity will thrive and joy can be the norm.

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